At Royal African Diamonds, the journey begins deep in Africa, where the rough conflict free diamonds are sourced from mines.
The rough diamond sorters, then look specifically at their colour, clarity, carat and shape.

Planning is the first stage of the cutting process; where the final shape of the diamond is determined, so as to retain its maximum weight.

The laser saw, has revolutionised the conventional cutting, enabling virtually any stone, to be cut in a limitless assortment of wondrous shapes.

The diamonds are now bruited, which removes the pointed edges, and then polished, which is the final stage of the cutting process.
The stones are then onto the Brillianteering stage, giving life to the stone by enhancing its brilliance and fire.

At the next process the diamond is inspected and approved and then cleaned to a radiant shine.

Finally, the diamond is ready to be set in jewellery, where you can select one of their custom design options.

Royal African Diamonds has been selling quality, internationally certified diamonds wholesale to the public since 1966, and their range of unique jewellery and loose diamonds is sure to lure you.

Royal African Diamonds — conflict free, refined for you from the source.