Welcome to Wave Dancer Deep Sea fishing Charters in St. Lucia where we live by our motto of: ONCE YOU’RE HOOKED…THERE’S NO TURNING BACK!

St Lucia, South Africa offers some of the world’s best game fishing. It is in these ancient fishing grounds where skill, experience and raw nerve count when the hunt is on for some of the world’s fastest and most dangerous game fish.

Choose you skipper correctly and you are in for the fishing trip of a lifetime!
Barend Verster is a 15-year veteran in the art of fishing in the waters of the St. Lucia Coastline and offers unrivalled experience when it comes to hunting game fish in these oceans.

His vessel of choice is a 28 foot custom built Buttcat / Kamasi Craft powered by two, 150 horsepower four stroke motors. Safety is a top priority and the vessel is outfitted with all the latest technology ranging from top of the range sonar, autopilot, communications and a whole range of other safety equipment.

The Wave Dancer is fully stocked with all the top of the range products from Shimano and Daiwa fishing gear, ensuring that you fish with only the best gear available.

Barend believes that fish likes to eat fish, so your first stop is for some tasty life bait. Then it’s off into the deep blue Indian Ocean where fishing mecca awaits!

The ocean currents along the St. Lucia Coast brings with it the most sought after game fish species in the world. Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado and a whole list of other species frequent these waters and make for spectacular catches.

Head back for land and catch a ride to the Fisherman’s Sports Bar and Pub, where they serve the freshest seafood in St. Lucia. Fisherman’s offers a friendly family environment with delicious dishes on the menu.

Wave Dancer fishing charters also offer comfortable self catering accommodation for groups of up to five fishermen. This is ideal for groups who want to extend their fishing experience over a couple of days.

Wave Dancer Deep Sea fishing Charters, ONCE YOU’RE HOOKED…THERE’S NO TURNING BACK!