Alison Russell

Thanksgiving is that time of year when everyone is travelling to spend time with family. This traditional, happy festival is sadly also a time for woeful search for a reasonable flight ticket to go home. This is so since airlines make the most money during holidays like Thanksgiving by hiking prices during the most sought after days when travelling becomes inevitable for most people. Wouldn’t it be great to actually find a cheaper flight so you can save some money for gifts this Thanksgiving?

Trying to book even almost a month in advance, does not help in getting a cheap flight at the convenient date for Thanksgiving. Here are a few tricks that can help you get the cheapest flight and help you reach your family in time as well.

Search Thoroughly: When you are booking a flight, make sure you search every website possible. There is no say in which exact website is going to get you the cheapest flights. Many of them offer cheap rates for only a select few routes which are again not determined. When you get a list of them, compare the prices.
Be Flexible with Dates and Time: On Thanksgiving 2013, most people want to travel on Wednesday evening soon after work or school and return on Sunday night or Monday morning. As such, airlines hike the price to sometimes unreasonable amounts during these times. So plan well in advance to take a day off either before Wednesday or after Monday so you can get cheaper air tickets. Pick an early morning flight (any time before 7am) or late night (after 8pm) in order to get cheaper tickets.
Alternative Airports: Pick an alternative airport that is not too far off from your destination, usually of a smaller town. The rates can be as less as half the cost.
Stop-overs: Consider flights that stop over rather than ones that are non-stop since they are usually a tad cheaper, though you’ll certainly have to waste a few hours during the transit.
Sign Up for Flight Alerts: Subscribe to alerts on as many popular travel-booking websites as possible.
Use your frequent flier miles – This can help a long way in saving your travel costs if you happen to be a frequent flier.

Great Thanksgiving flight deals for 2013

Surprisingly, booking your return on December 3rd is great especially from New York to Washington (a well-travelled route), and you can get a ticket for as low as $163.
There are certain websites with heavy discounts that offer tickets as low as $39 for certain routes even during the peak season.

These little points can go a long way in saving you a good deal of money. Just make sure you start planning your holiday well in advance; the sooner you plan, easier it will be, to get a cheap flight ticket.